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Meet Phantom Phil

Phantom Phil started Unexplained Inc. in March 2020. Yes THAT month...obvious circumstances almost prevented the show from being launched but the message just had to get out and so it was to be. The show started out as The Friday Night Fright and evolved to Where The Unknown Connects With The Empowered. As the intensity and absurdity of world events carried out Phil saw that the subjects of the paranormal, metaphysical, unexplained, conspiracy and spirituality all weaved together like a web. Digging into the truth of the unknown needed to be aided by aspects of spiritual healing and the ascension of consciousness.

Open for business... 
And ready to believe you

Phil not only has a fascination with the unknown but has a background in broadcasting media. He is also in the process of becoming a practitioner of spiritual healing. He is certified in the modalities of Core Shamanism that extend back to the teaching lineage of Michael Harner. Phil is also certified up to Level II in Usui Reiki and will eventually get his Masters Degree. He is also being trained in the art of spiritual hypnotherapy throughout 2023.

Image by Clinton Naik

The World is Changing and Beginning to Vibrate at a Higher Frequency

Unexplained Inc. would like to make you a part of what many would call the ascension of humanity.  The purpose of this show is to not only uplift with knowledge but to entertain and leave you feeling good about what you just heard....even when the topics get a little dark. It is a place where the unexplainable experiences that happen 'to' people and 'around' them are less taboo and is a safe haven for anybody who would like to share their experiences.  It all starts with trying to understand the unknown and connecting with empowering individuals or teachings. The eventual Patreon page will also provide value in terms of understanding ourselves and how to combat the crazy world around us. With Phantom Phil's background in the healing arts and in media he still understands that this is a show after all. While it can be deathly (no pun intended) serious it is also a place to let loose and have some fun.

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Connect with Phantom Phil

If you have a paranormal encounter and you want to dive deeper on The Unexplained Inc Podcast this is the chance for your voice to be heard. Phantom Phil is always accepting opportunities to join other podcasts as well.

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