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Unchained: The Allure Of Autonomy

By Phantom Phil

Just in case some of you are not familiar with the word autonomy. Here is the definition according to the Google machine...the right or condition of self-government.

Government? Isn't that the enemy?....well...depends on who you some some no...they are the protectors. To many they are not to be trusted. Given their recent history I would argue there is good reason for matter what side of the left/right psi-op you choose to sit on (if you're reading this there is a good chance you're above all that divisional nonsense). Why the mistrust? Well...I'm not going to turn this offering into a political slugfest but we have seen plenty of government over-reach these past several years that would in turn threaten our autonomy. Autonomy can also be characterized as sovereignty. We've kind of been told a little bit too much of how to live our lives this young decade. Some sources say this overreach will only get worse and will become global (if you're into that sort of thing) tyranny. That's another discussion for another day.

Proposed WEF / NWO bullshit aside I'd like to talk about how autonomy can be applied to your life and how it may be the missing key to unlock your passion for life. I'm a big believer we are born again to a nearly endless amount of lifetimes on this Earth (globe, realm, disc with an ice wall...however YOU perceive it) in order to grow at a soul level and learn lessons to evolve our consciousness. Don't grow or evolve? You're coming back. Don't learn you're lessons? You're coming back. Decide to live your life with a negative attitude while doing or saying nothing kind to others out of your own subservience? You're coming back. I hope you get the point by now as I do believe we live multiple lifetimes to fully get why we're here our life is still short. Once again....Illuminati proposed bullshit aside do you really want to live your life as a full on slave or an NPC drifting from day to day without any magic? If you're reading this then I didn't think so. I bet you're this world of perception manipulation, Big Pharma, deep state politics, pesticide laced food, digital banking, data mining and the rise of Artificial Intelligence can we really have full autonomy? I would say not 100%...unless you are a ghost that literally lives as much off the grid as possible one of these ills will affect your life in some way. But to get as close to that 100% as you can you only need to do one thing. Change your mind. You can start by deciding that we are all linked to one mass consciousness and that we are trying to do the best that we can with what we have to work with. When you can minimize or hopefully eliminate shame, judgment, prejudice, fear or greed from your heart and mind you'll do really well for not only yourself but the collective. Some will never brace this concept because in this lifetime they just aren't ready to evolve and learn their lessons. Dogmatic and judgmental religious bullshit aside you really should try and not use their means of judgment against them as compassion wins the day. Pick any polarizing topic like religion, race, politics, medicine, sexuality and now even THE WEATHER you will likely see the shadow sides of most people come to the surface very quickly in order to stand their ground. But when you can DETACH from these topics and not get sucked into low-vibrational arguments then you have become that much closer to feeling the sweet taste of autonomy. Detachment does NOT mean indifference. But it means staying in a place of compassion for people who see, view and make choices different than yours. Whether you like them or not. I've seen some 'compassionate' people in the world go off on certain polarizing topics that cast the other side of the argument into shame, judgment etc. Detachment can bring you an immense amount of peace if used properly. Whether it be the television, social media, that co-worker who never shuts up or that family member that grinds on you day after day...detaching (or becoming an observer as Wayne Dyer would say) can help you maintain your inner peace during the winds of turbulence and from that you have become that much closer to feeling the sweet caress of autonomy. Then there is that job you gotta go to every single day. It pays little and siphons your energy. Then there is the political hierarchy that just isn't fair! It's all rigged against what most would say. One bane of being adult (especially being a parent...a single one me) is that you have to set aside large quantities of time to do things you really don't want to do. Again...if you detach from how much the task is unenjoyable and don't get caught up in external can make this work. I've been many workplaces...more than I would care to this is likely one of my lessons of this lifetime. I've seen so many people that are unhappy and result in leaning on passive-aggressive behaviour, cynicism, and getting involved in the soul-sucking drama and politics just to chase any kind of dopamine hit. They act this way because they've decided there is no way out. Once you realize that this is all an illusion in your mind and you can walk away anytime you desire you will hear the soothing whisper of autonomy. Wanna switch jobs? Go back to school? Learn a new trade on evenings or weekends? Maybe even start a business? It's all there for you. A quick note...becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Starting a business from scratch and maintaining it is not for everyone. I have yet to experience this but I know it can be turbulent...however there has likely never been a better time to start something. Whether it's a side hustle, an online commodity or even working remotely as a freelancer. There are an abundance of skills you can learn or sharpen at your fingertips. Courses are online for just about everything...however be wary...some are not so good or legitimate so use due diligence. If all of that seems far out an escape plan....that's what your brain is for. I just don't want to hear your petty whining about how broke, unfulfilled and tired you are. Nor do I want to hear about your gratitude for it being Friday...this path towards autonomy from your workplace is right in front of you. You just need to dig your heels in and walk through the mud to get back to the greener grass.

I think you get the picture of ways you can find autonomy even in this crooked and seemingly rigged system. All big tech censorship and demonetization bullshit aside the world really is your playground...even amongst all the current craziness. I mean let's be real here...there are probably ways to avoid taxation, live off the grid, cut yourself off from supermarkets, unplug from central banking, tap into your own water supply, get off the Internet and medically treat your own ailments. But to be blunt I don't know how to do any of those things. Most people don't...but the one's that do and are able to live a happy and fulfilling life...then wow! I applaud you for putting in the work. I don't claim to be an anarchist but I am all ears to find ways to detach from authoritarian institutions. Before I close I want to bring up that bringing your mind, emotions and even financial picture closer to autonomy is very important there may be nothing more important than your body. Let's face it nobody wants to actually BE sick or overweight. I've been both...what I am about to list below is not to garner sympathy or pity but it is a window to a point in time when I lost control of myself physically and it had a negative ripple effect on my entire life. Flashback to the tail end of 2017... - I am diagnosed with severe sleep apnea...I get put on a CPAP Machine in order to sleep (I am still reluctantly on it to this day...although the condition is no longer severe)

- I have crossed the 300 lb. mark for the first and only time in my life. My doctor has declared me officially 'obese' and half of my clothes aren't fitting right. - I am diagnosed with hypertension and put on blood pressure medication...constantly getting blood tests done...which btw I hate - One reason for the constant blood work is that I am dangerously close to turning into a Type-1 Diabetic. - My lungs start failing me. I am told by a respirologist that I have the lungs of a smoker. I don't all. I can barely make it up a flight of stairs without wheezing. - I fell into a state of depression...can you imagine WHY? These diagnostic conclusions were all handed to me within a matter of weeks. One just kept snowballing on top of the other. Tests, doctors offices, sleep clinics, even an x-ray at the hospital. For a few months it just didn't stop until I made some necessary sacrifices. All these years later I have recovered from all afflictions (except for the CPAP Machine...but it'll go eventually) and dropped close to 65 lbs. Now...some of that I briefly gained back (lockdowns were not good for this) but I made a choice to not be a prisoner to the afflictions of my body. I got sick because I was finishing school a second time and I didn't listen to myself and take a time out. I was fully stuck in 'hustle + grind' mode and had a real problem with people-pleasing at the time in order to manufacture certain outcomes. It was a hard lesson to go through in order to regain physical autonomy. In closing I really hope these words inspire you to find autonomy from what ails you. I am far from perfect and still on my own healing journey while assisting others with the various practices I have learned. I have had to live with some unjust conditions in my life of recent years where I had to learn some more tough lessons from. But if you're asking what gets me closer to autonomy? Staying active, eating healthier (a work in progress), sticking to my vitamin regimen (I haven't had the flu in over five it must be working), doing this podcast, building my side hustle, and writing this blog. Nobody is going to 'fact-check', 'censor' or change these words. It has all come from the heart and when you lead from the heart you will be one step closer to falling into the sweet embrace of personal least as much of it as you possibly can. To officially conclude I want to proudly state that this came from the heart in one sitting. Staying up slightly past my bedtime jamming to Armin Van Buren's A State Of Trance livestream on Youtube. Yes, I am primarily a metal guy but when I need a boost I like to reach for a good hard trance mix and this one is hitting it for me. This came straight from within, meaning that no bots or AI assisted me in this writing. This and all of my other pieces on this site are all from my heart, mind and soul. That is the true autonomy.

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Aug 22, 2023

Phil This was Incredible, Authentic and you! I want to thank you for this because it was exactly what I needed today to give me the motivation to continue the journey and hold my head up. Sometimes in life the Safe Space can seem like a cage. Stay inside the lines, This felt like a lion's Roar to motivate and inspire. Not in a pretentious self help way, but more of a boots on the ground mentality. We are all in our own paths, but this proclamation has spelled it out in a way we can relate and unite, and for detractors it's a warning to get out of our way. It's decision time. Embrace the good in life and…

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